Which is the best cloud security provider for enterprise?

In the cloud, there are a number of different options, and one of the most popular choices for enterprises is VMware.But when it comes to enterprise security, there’s one option that comes to mind that you’ll probably never use and that’s CloudApp.The fact that VMware has the biggest share of the enterprise security market makes […]

NASA announces new NASA shuttle program

NASA will launch a new program to develop and deliver reusable, high-performance, space shuttle technology.The new program will focus on the shuttle’s main engine, the Solid Rocket Boosters, or SRS.The program will include a demonstration launch from the Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39A, which is expected to begin this fall.The company’s goal is to […]

How to turn a new era into a new business?

Enterprising entrepreneurs are being urged to look beyond the traditional boundaries of traditional enterprises to become “enterprise innovators”. The Times of the India report, titled “Entrepreneurs should be innovators”, argues that it is “time for the industry to look at how to create a new, entrepreneurial ecosystem”.The report also urges enterprises to look for opportunities that […]

A look at the corporate cancellation policy

Enterprise cancellation policy can be tricky.If you’re going to use the business cancellation policy to cancel your business, it needs to be backed up.Businesses with more than 50 employees need to provide a letter of authorization, a statement of business purpose and a copy of the agreement they signed with the business.You can’t just cancel […]

How to use Uber for your next gig, business

If you’re looking for an alternative to Uber, check out the rental cars in the news and in the industry.The Uber app is the preferred way to find and book rides, and the platform’s fleet has grown exponentially over the past few years.But what about the actual car rental industry?We’ve got a whole list of […]

How to build a self-driving car

The world of autonomous driving has a long way to go.As cars become safer, the challenges remain enormous.But what if self-driven cars could work with each other, and with humans?How would they change the way we work, live and play?Here are some things you need to know.1.Self-driving cars don’t need to be like cars for […]

Which Chicago company is black and which is white?

A Black Enterprise moving truck is seen in this photo taken on April 6, 2018, in Chicago.The company was acquired by a company called Black Enterprise, which has become one of the top white-owned companies in Chicago, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics.This is a rush transcript.(Photo: The Associated Press)

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