SEC to launch investigation into corporate misconduct, insider trading, and other matters

The Securities and Exchange Commission has asked the Justice Department to investigate alleged insider trading and other misconduct in the company that oversees the Dow Jones Industrial Average.In a letter to the agency’s director, Robert Ray, acting SEC Commissioner Robert M. Capers said the agency was reviewing several reports from former and current SEC employees, […]

How to find and apply for Enterprise Business Discounts from Lexington Kentucky, an online portal

Lexington Kentucky is a beautiful place to live.It’s the home of Lexington College, and for many, the town’s vibrant arts and music scene has brought them back to their hometowns.For those of us who love our hometown, finding opportunities to save money through the Lexington Business District’s Enterprise Business discount program is the best way […]

Why we love our Enterprise Automotive Sales team

Google has announced a new hire for its Enterprise Automobile Sales team, and the move is bringing to an end an era of senior staff in the automotive industry.‎As part of ‎the ‎end of the era ‎of senior staff ‎in the automotive ‎industry, ‎Google announced the ‎hire of ‎ ‎Peter Schlosser, ‎ ‎Senior ‎ ‎ […]

What’s the deal with all those weather cards?

Business Insider UK Business Insider UK is a UK-based news source.You can read more from Business Insider here.Business Insider is published by Panos Panay, an independent global media company headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon.Panay was founded in 1997 by Al Jazeera English journalist and journalist-researcher Michael Walker.Follow Panos on Twitter @PanosPanay.Like Business Insider on Facebook.Follow Business […]

How to calculate enterprise truck revenue?

Business Insider/Sam Vidal The numbers show that the most common industry segment for Enterprise sales in the U.S. is the truck business, accounting for 42% of all sales in 2015.The most common segment for enterprise leasing is small-car sales, accounting the next largest segment at 13%.But Enterprise sales are also on the rise in many […]

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