Why Black Enterprise San Antonio Is Getting the Most out of Its Startup Partners

San Antonio’s Black Enterprise Association (BEA) has announced its 2017 membership growth. 

The new membership, which will expand to the greater San Antonio area by the end of the year, includes the following businesses: The Black Family Company, which is owned by the Black family and has a $40 million endowment; San Antonio Black Farmers Market; the Black Family’s Black Farmer’s Market, which sells local produce, herbs, and other farm products; Ace of Hearts, which has been offering food and hospitality at its downtown flagship restaurant since 2013; Sue and Larry’s, which provides an inclusive service to seniors and people with disabilities; B-Ride, which hosts rides for seniors and their families; and the Black Family and Black Enterprise Company’s newest addition, the Black Enterprise Family Association. 

According to BEA’s executive director, Kendra Smith, Black Enterprise Austin is the most active local business community in the United States, with nearly 500 business events held annually. 

“Austin is home to over 2,400 Black businesses, and we have been able to grow our membership to meet the needs of the growing Black community here,” Smith said. 

In addition to these local businesses, BEA hosts the Black Farmers’ Market and the Black Farmer Market at Black Enterprise Center. 

Black Enterprise San Antonio The city of San Antonio has a robust network of Black businesses and organizations, and BEA is just one example of the Black community in San Antonio. 

Located in the heart of San Ansonio, the area is home both to the city’s Black population and the San Antonio Black Chamber of Commerce. 

BEA President Dr. James Riggs said San Antonio is a good place to be an entrepreneur and is a great place for the Black business community to meet and network. 

He said the Black enterprise association is a vital community building resource for the city. 

When asked about his organization’s recent growth, Riggs was candid. 

I have had to adjust my business model to reflect changing times, he said.

I have not had to go out and compete with my neighbors to be successful. 

But, he added, there are many ways that the BEA can be utilized in the future to help Black businesses thrive. 

Riggs said the BEAs success is due in part to its diverse membership. 

It is made up of many diverse communities, including the Black African American, Latino, and Asian American communities, he noted. 

This diversity, Riggens said, allows them to share experiences and learn from each other. 

With the expansion of the BEAA, BEAs membership will also expand to include the Black Hispanic and African American communities. 

Although the Black Business Association in San AnTONIO is growing and becoming more diverse, Ricks said he is excited about the opportunities that are being offered in the Black Community. 

If we can keep that momentum going, he believes, we will be able to become even more successful.

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