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New enterprise cloud platform: Azure.

Today Azure announced a partnership with Microsoft to build a new enterprise cloud application platform, Azure Cloud Platform, which it calls “Azure Cloud Service”.

The partnership is a major step towards bringing a unified, cross-platform, unified cloud platform to enterprises.

Azure’s announcement comes just days after the company launched the first version of its cloud-as-a-service (BaaS) platform, called the Azure Container Service (A-CS), which provides an alternative way to run applications on virtual machines, virtual servers and containers.

The A-CS, as well as Azure’s other enterprise cloud services, have traditionally been designed for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, and not for Microsoft Azure.

The Azure cloud is also designed to be managed by Microsoft.

The company is also adding new services for customers.

The cloud platform’s announcement follows Microsoft’s launch of the Azure Cloud Marketplace (Azure Marketplace) earlier this year, which lets users buy and sell services, apps and services using the Microsoft cloud.

Azure is a leader in enterprise cloud software because it is a cloud platform that provides a unified set of APIs, cloud services and a common set of infrastructure.

This makes Azure a good candidate for the BaaS market because of its flexibility and ease of use.

The new Azure Cloud Service will be the first cloud-native BaaB service in Microsoft’s cloud offering, which is also available for other platforms, including Linux, Google App Engine, Docker and Google Cloud Platform.

Azur Cloud Service is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.2.

Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS announced today it is acquiring Sysdig, a leading provider of cloud services for developers, in a deal valued at $3.4 billion.

The acquisition will help AWS grow its cloud infrastructure business.

SysDig will continue to operate as a standalone business and as a part of AWS.

AWS is also announcing a new partnership with OpenStack, a cloud-centric open-source cloud platform.

The OpenStack cloud platform is expected to become available later this year.

AWS said that it has been the most profitable company in the US in 2016.

AWS will retain control of its Sys Dig platform, which offers a cloud computing platform that’s optimized for the development and deployment of web, mobile and other applications.3.


VMware announced today that it is partnering with a number of leading organizations to expand its cloud service offerings.

The VMware Cloud Platform will be available for use on a variety of Linux-based servers.

VMware said that its new cloud platform will offer developers, IT managers, IT admins and other organizations a way to build applications and services that can run on VMware’s powerful, open source cloud infrastructure.

The platform will be based on VMware ESXi 6.0, which has a long history of making Linux and other Linux-like operating systems more reliable and easy to deploy.

VMware also plans to offer its new service as a VMware Fusion Service, which will allow customers to deploy applications using VMware’s cloud infrastructure to a Linux-powered server or a Windows-based server.4.


IBM said today it will become the only enterprise cloud vendor to offer cloud service as part of its Enterprise Linux platform.

IBM will provide its Cloud Platform as part to IBM’s Enterprise Linux Enterprise, a new offering that includes the cloud services of IBM Cloud, a separate open- source software platform.5.


Microsoft announced today a new cloud offering for IT pros and IT administrators.

The Cloud Services offering for Microsoft’s enterprise Linux platform is available as a stand-alone product.

Microsoft’s Cloud Services will allow IT professionals to deploy and manage their IT applications and systems using Azure.

Microsoft is working on a new version of Azure Cloud Services that will support both the Microsoft Enterprise Linux Platform and the new Cloud Services.6.


Oracle announced today its new hybrid cloud offering.

The Oracle Cloud Platform for IT professionals will allow businesses to create, manage and deploy enterprise cloud-based services.

The software platform will run on top of Oracle’s existing Oracle OpenStack platform.

Oracle will offer the Cloud Services Platform as an add-on for OpenStack on a separate OpenStack service that runs on top the Oracle Openstack Cloud Platform to help enterprises manage their own OpenStack clouds.7.


SalesForce announced today an enterprise cloud offering that will run in the Azure cloud.

Sales Force Cloud will help businesses manage their data in the cloud, while enabling users to access and access business data in Salesforce-owned data centers.8.


SAP announced today plans to launch a new hybrid Cloud service for SAP users in the coming weeks.

The SAP Cloud for Business Service will deliver a unified experience across a broad range of

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