Why I don’t have time for quickbooks

I have a small business in my backyard, a small, tight-knit community of people.In fact, the business I work for has become one of my favorite ways to network.And I am not alone.As the company expands and expands, the number of people who will actually want to sign up to become members of my business […]

Two new high-tech companies announced in New York

Two high-end technology companies announced Tuesday, a sign that a resurgence in innovation is gaining traction in New Jersey, where businesses are looking for ways to cut costs and compete more effectively.The announcement by Ericsson and Accenture that they would invest $100 million in the local business of the former World Wide Web founder Andy […]

India’s BSE IPO has ‘tremendous potential’

A Mumbai-based private equity firm has raised $100 million in a public listing of its BSE unit in the US.The company, called Enbridge, says it plans to use the money to expand its business.The listing comes after a series of investments by Enbridge over the last two years that have helped the company expand into […]

Why you should take a medical center’s stock plunge

Venture capital firms are still reeling from a major stock market plunge.Here’s what you need to know.(Published Monday, March 11, 2018)But, there’s one company that seems to have had a good year this year.Venture capital firm Envision Capital has announced it’s buying out San Antonio’s Medscape Health for $1.4 billion.Envision is the first large medical […]

How to get a discount code for Enterprise Phila…

I have heard that the Enterprise Philadelphia Airport (EPA) has recently opened up to the general public and it is worth checking out for those looking to get the discount code that entitles them to a one-time payment of $5,000 worth of airline tickets.The EPA website says that anyone interested in participating in the promotion […]

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