Why do the ‘entrepreneurship’ of Montgomery County’s Alameda County high school students depend on a single corporation?

The Alameda community is a place where you don’t go to get a haircut, because that’s where the real world happens.

The only real way to get your haircut is to get the haircut of a company, a giant, multinational corporation.

The problem is, it’s not only a giant; it’s a company whose business model is to sell haircuts to anyone who can pay for them.

It is a corporation that employs some of the world’s worst labour and wages, is notoriously corrupt, and, according to the US Treasury Department, is the second-largest criminal enterprise in the US.

The story of Montgomery’s Alamo High School, the Alamo Valley’s second-highest performing private school, began when students began arriving in November 2016 to the Alameda campus, an hour’s drive from the town of Monterey.

They were brought in to pay for haircuts and the tuition for a two-year course, but their work was largely unpaid.

At first, they were told they would be working at the school, but soon, after the school’s first year of operation, it was reported that they were to be paid to sit at desks and do nothing but stare at computers.

Students were not given any information about their work conditions or their wages, and they were not even allowed to sign a document acknowledging their employment status.

The work they were doing was not paid for.

The company, which was called Montgomery Adopt-A-High, then hired a company called Hyperextreme, to help it find a way to hire students for its new school.

Hyperesxtreme told the students it would take a “one-time payment” of $1,000 to hire them for the school.

But it would be $2,000 a month, for a period of two years, before the students could receive any salary.

In the end, Hyperex was paid $4,000, and the students were paid $1 each.

“This was a way for Hyperea to pay us and then give us a little money, and then we would get paid, and we could keep doing what we were doing,” said one student, who did not want to give his name.

He told the Guardian that he was paid about $2 a week, a salary he said was less than what he would have earned in the city of San Jose, California, with a high school degree.

“I didn’t think I was going to get paid,” he said.

The school has since moved, but the students who were employed by Hypereextreme have remained unpaid.

Some of the students interviewed by the Guardian have spoken out about the conditions they faced at the Alamacas school.

Some have accused the company of forcing them to work unpaid shifts for no pay.

“The only way you could be there is to work for Hitex,” one student said.

“It’s a horrible, horrible environment, because you’re just there to do whatever they want.”

One student said he had to take three weeks off of work to make room at the company.

“We were in the kitchen when we got sick, and I was told we couldn’t come back, because HiteX doesn’t pay us,” he told the student newspaper.

“There was no way to say no.”

In a statement, Hitextreme defended its “honest, fair, and equitable” practices.

“Hitex has a long-standing commitment to providing exceptional service to students at the Monterey Community College Alameda, where it operates a number of high-performing, high-quality campuses.

We strive to provide a welcoming and safe environment for all of our students and employees, including the students and staff of Montgomery Adoptees High School,” the statement read.

“Montgomery Adoptes has provided an exceptional service for its students and the community of Montesano.

We are committed to providing an even playing field in the employment marketplace, and will continue to work closely with our customers to ensure that all of the employees are treated fairly and fairly treated.”

However, some parents of students at Montgomery Adocees were less sympathetic.

“They’re not going to pay you for nothing,” said Sarah Jones, whose four-year-old son, Jacob, attends the school with his older brother, Austin.

“He’s a kid, he’s not going anywhere.”

“They have to be paying you, they’re not giving you a handout,” she added.

“All of this is going to come out of their pockets.”

“It doesn’t make sense,” Jones said.

“[Hyperex] is trying to help a company who doesn’t deserve to be here.

What kind of company are they?”

“I’m a parent of a student at Montgomery,” Jones told the newspaper.

The Alamacans school, known locally as the Alac

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