Which NFL team is on the brink of a franchise relocation?

A lot of people have been waiting to see if the NFL will bring back the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons to their respective cities.

It seems unlikely at this point, but the NFL is still in a bit of a bind.

The Packers and Falcons have a combined 13 seasons in Green Bay, which has been a team-friendly, home-and-home format since 2004.

And the Green and Falcons are currently on their way out.

The only other NFL team that would be considered a real possibility would be Miami, which is currently the highest-ranked team in the NFC South and could be headed to Miami in 2018.

While Miami and Green Bay might be in the same conference, the Dolphins and Falcons would likely be closer to home, which could mean a new team wouldn’t be able to be built there.

And it would also be much more difficult for the NFL to find a new home for the New York Jets, which would make moving them too expensive.

The Dolphins and Green bay are still the only two teams that have been part of the NFL since it opened in 1946, and both would be able a move out of their respective home cities.

There’s also no guarantee that any of the teams would be ready for another move, which means that it’s not a done deal.

But if it were, the Packers and the Falcons would be the only teams who would be looking to move to another city.

And that would mean that the team-neutral stadium that the Packers have played at for the past seven years would be gone.

In fact, it’s already been announced that the Green bay stadium will be retired in 2019.

So what would it take to bring back an NFL franchise?

Well, it would take a lot more than the Packers or the Falcons leaving the league, and it would likely have to be something bigger than just a relocation.

The NFL is currently in a tough spot because it would have to pay out some of its huge salary cap space that it would otherwise have to spend on new stadiums.

This would mean either the league could use a cap that is much smaller than it currently is to cover the cost of new stadiums, or it could use the money to create new franchises.

The biggest issue for the league is that it already has two franchises, the Los Angeles Rams and the Oakland Raiders, both of which are already in the midst of their teams-only stadiums that will soon be gone and could have a lot of empty seats for games.

The Raiders and the Rams have been around for decades, but they’re not a huge fan of the stadiums they play in.

So it would be pretty difficult to get them to move back to their current home cities, which doesn’t bode well for the future of the league.

The next biggest problem would be moving the NFL’s two teams to other cities.

Currently, there’s only one team that’s not playing in the NFL anymore, the Kansas City Chiefs, which moved to Kansas City from St. Louis in 2008.

But the team is currently based in Kansas City, and there’s not enough money in the league to buy a new stadium in the city.

In 2019, the NFL could use that $5 billion it would save by moving the teams, which they can use to build new stadiums in cities like San Diego and Miami.

This could also help the league save money, because it’s also possible that the teams could be able and willing to leave their current homes, which should save the league a lot in the long run.

The last thing the league needs right now is to go bankrupt.

That’s the most likely scenario, as there’s already a lot going on in the market right now.

It’s likely that the NFL would have some interest in relocating some of the other teams, but for the most part, it will likely not have the money necessary to do it.

And with the league not having to pay for the stadiums it already owns, it should be much easier for teams to find other places to play, and for new stadiums to open in those areas.

The idea that a team could be moved to another market would also seem unlikely right now, but that’s unlikely either.

The most likely situation for a team moving out of Green Bay is for it to move on to a new city, which can’t happen in the next few years because of the current economic situation.

So that would likely mean the next major team-based relocation in the NHL would be for the Los Angeles Kings, which are in the Los Feliz region of Los Angeles.

That would mean the Kings would move to the Los Gatos area in California, and the rest of the NHL could use its existing stadiums to play games there.

The league also might consider moving some teams to another state, like Las Vegas, where the owners could have enough money to build a new arena.

It would take money that the league doesn’t have to use to create a new franchise, and could potentially open new arenas for the NHL. There

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