How to avoid the ‘bad apples’

By now, you’ve probably heard about the fact that Apple has been quietly quietly phasing out support for some of its iOS devices over the past couple of years.

Now, we know more, thanks to a new report that Apple’s chief financial officer, Jay Z, has reportedly been in talks with a group of Apple executives who want to see Apple make a serious move to move away from iOS.

While Apple hasn’t been able to fully confirm what’s happening, the report does say that a group that’s trying to convince the company to move into an entirely new OS could be the Axon enterprise business.

We’re told that the Axons plan includes an OS that’s similar to Android, and Apple has said that Axon is not an Android competitor.

But the Axontes are in talks about what would become Axon, and it could very well involve Apple, according to the report.

According to the source, the Axo business would use Apple’s iOS platform to run the business.

It’s a significant development for Apple, which has struggled to maintain its relevance as the dominant smartphone OS for years.

Axon’s development could make it easier for Apple to compete with Android, which is also an Android OS, while also making it easier to bring the same software to iOS devices as Android.

The report doesn’t say whether the group that wants to see the company move to an entirely different OS would be Axon or another Android company.

It also doesn’t state whether the Axondas plan would include an OS with Apple’s own OS.

However, it does state that Apple may have already considered bringing a third-party OS to the Axion business.

And if so, that could include the Axoner OS.

That’s the OS Apple is rumored to be working on with Samsung.

We’ll update this article if we learn more.

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