Why Amazon is planning to spend $25 billion on new cloud infrastructure, new cloud services, and data centers

The cloud is poised to be a huge business for Amazon.

The company has invested in a slew of new infrastructure investments, with a number of new cloud providers joining the AWS cloud service.

The firm is planning a $25-billion deal to buy 10 data centers and add more data centers to the AWS network.

AWS has been a big winner with cloud-based services since its launch in 2014, but the company has struggled to get more customers to sign up for AWS services.

Amazon will be buying the facilities, which will be leased by AWS, but it is unclear when that will happen.

In the meantime, Amazon will continue to offer its own data center service, AWS Data Center, which is also leased by Amazon.

Amazon is also planning to expand its AWS services into new areas, like video streaming and cloud storage.

The new AWS data centers are part of Amazon’s plan to become more of a cloud-as-a-service provider.

Amazon also has a lot of data centers already under construction.

In April, Amazon said it had built out a $10 billion data center in Irvine, California.

In August, Amazon announced plans to build two new data centers in New Jersey and New York.

Amazon’s move to buy the data centers comes as the company is under pressure from regulators over the performance of its AWS data center business.

In March, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued an interim order that said AWS’s failure to comply with its obligations for compliance, including providing timely notices and providing data about its data center services, amounted to unfair competition.

The order also prohibited AWS from using AWS’s data center facilities to deliver cloud services and from making money by using AWS facilities to operate other services.

Earlier this year, the FTC also ordered Amazon to give up access to AWS’s facilities for customers who are unable to use AWS.

In response to the FTC’s order, Amazon agreed to provide its facilities to customers who were unable to get them.

AWS had not responded to Ars’ request for comment.

Amazon says that AWS Data Centers are built to meet the needs of customers.

They include high-speed and low-latency networking, data center management, and analytics services.

They also have dedicated compute and storage nodes for AWS customers, which are designed to help them efficiently deploy their own compute and analytics workloads.

AWS also has built-in support for enterprise cloud applications, which means customers can use AWS to run enterprise applications on AWS data centres.

AWS Data Centers are also built to handle the vast majority of cloud-hosted data that comes from AWS customers.

The AWS DataCenter service also enables customers to scale their infrastructure for a variety of workloads, including the provision of data processing services for enterprise customers.

AWS recently announced plans for a new data center with more than 5 million square feet of floor space in the New Jersey suburbs.

AWS said it would spend about $1 billion on the new facility, which it plans to lease from a company called EMC.

The New Jersey facility will house an Amazon AWS data processing and analytics center, and AWS will also have a second data center near the New York location.

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