When are you going to get your new SUV?

I’m not a believer in self-driving cars, but I think we’re heading toward some pretty dramatic changes in the near future.

If the technology is ready, then the demand for vehicles with driverless capabilities will be massive.

I think that’s the biggest question mark for the auto industry, and that’s why the company that is behind it, Ford, is now launching a self-drive car program.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid, the first self-driven car in the United States, will be a luxury crossover in the 2021 model year.

Its electric propulsion system, which is expected to be fully autonomous by 2025, is expected help the car to be the most efficient vehicle in the world, according to Ford.

Ford also hopes to be able to sell the Fusion Hybrid in 2040, which would make it the most expensive vehicle ever built.

According to the report, the Ford Fusion hybrid, which will debut at the Frankfurt auto show next month, is being marketed in the US as a crossover that can take on all the comforts of a conventional car, but it also has room for passengers in the backseat.

The Fusion Hybrid will be the first car in Ford’s lineup that has a driver-assistance system, according the report.

That means the car will be able recognize when a driver is using the steering wheel and will be equipped with the ability to slow down or accelerate if necessary.

The driver will also be able control the car’s speed, braking and cruise control, and the car can be programmed to turn on emergency braking and even turn itself off if needed.

The car will also have a built-in radar and infrared cameras that allow the driver to get a closer look at their surroundings, according Ford.

The vehicle will be powered by a 5.2-liter V6 engine that makes 425 horsepower, according reports.

It will have a 0-60 mph time of 2.7 seconds and a top speed of 130 mph.

Ford says the Fusion hybrid is “built on Ford’s pioneering vehicle technology and includes a new hybrid powertrain, advanced aerodynamics, and advanced safety technologies to achieve a driving experience that is as close as possible to that of an all-electric vehicle,” according to the automaker.

The company has not announced pricing or an exact release date for the Fusion.

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