The Greenhouse: the new green house on a hill

Posted October 09, 2018 03:15:28A greenhouse on a rocky hilltop overlooking an industrial park in northern Georgia has caught the eye of some of the country’s most influential leaders, and they’re hoping the green house can transform the lives of thousands of residents who live and work nearby.

The greenhouse, designed by Atlanta architect and Georgia Tech graduate David Hahn, is the latest example of a greenhouse project that aims to transform a rural community that’s mostly reliant on a water and power grid.

Hahn and his partners, James and Melissa Riggs, have partnered with a local nonprofit to build the first greenhouse in Georgia.

The two are part of a growing number of greenhouses in Georgia and across the country that are being used to transform rural communities, and the two architects have helped lead a small effort to expand their footprint.

In the spring of 2020, the Riggses moved from Atlanta to Greenville, Georgia, to begin the project.

They bought a small farm, cut grass, and installed two greenhouse systems.

They’ve since raised about $30,000 and installed the first two.

Now, the greenhouse is up and running and the Rigs are working to expand it, opening up more land and hiring a contractor to help.

They’ve been impressed with the community, said Melissa Rigs, the project’s president.

She said they’ve heard stories from people who have taken a walk through the greenhouse and said it was “beautiful.”

“They were like, ‘This is like a big, beautiful, beautiful home,'” Riggs said.

Riggs said the greenhouse can be seen from many different perspectives.

From the front yard, it’s an outdoor space where families can relax.

But in the back yard, the view is much more challenging.

The greenhouse also has a kitchen and a greenhouse room with a patio, which is where residents can cook, cook food and even shop.

Rigs said the family living in the greenhouse has a big backyard with a fence, and people who live nearby have said it’s beautiful.

The community has also seen improvements in their health and quality of life.

“We see the community improvement,” Riggs added.

“And we think, ‘Wow, this is a win-win for everybody.'”

The greenhouse is being built by a company called The Riggs Foundation, which has partnered with the Greenhouse Association of Georgia.

It has received grants and a $15,000 loan from the federal government, and it’s been working to raise funds through the end of the year.

Riggers said he hopes the greenhouse project will help change the lives for people who rely on a power grid, but also for people in rural areas who might not otherwise be able to afford the greenhouse.

“It’s a big-picture idea that has broad implications for the rest of the nation, so it’s important for us to spread it across the United States and across Georgia,” Rigs said.

The Greenhouse is being constructed on land owned by the Greenhouses Association of America, which sponsors the greenhouse program.

The group plans to work with the Riggers Foundation to make the greenhouse a permanent fixture in the neighborhood, with a permanent garden.

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