Microsoft, Google, Oracle face lawsuit over patent theft

Microsoft and Google are facing a class action lawsuit in a California federal court alleging the technology giants used their dominant position in the software industry to unfairly profit from the sale of intellectual property.

The complaint filed on Wednesday says the companies unlawfully took from the U.S. patent market.

It also alleges that the companies abused their monopoly to create a hostile environment for competition and unfairly pushed back against competitors.

“Today, the courts have agreed that Microsoft and Microsoft’s dominant position over the U,S.

software patent market created a hostile, unfair, and deceptive environment for software development and innovation,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for each plaintiff.

“Microsoft and Google have used the dominant position of the U to impose monopoly-like barriers and conditions on competitors, with no evidence of success, and have abused the patent-licensing monopoly to profit from its monopoly,” the suit said.

Microsoft has denied the allegations and said the lawsuit was “simply an attempt to distract attention from its many other successful products and services.”

Microsoft said in a statement that the complaint “is baseless, false, and mischaracterizes Microsoft’s products and technologies and our competitors.”

Google, meanwhile, said it is “committed to vigorously defending its patents and vigorously defending Microsoft’s patent licensing policies.”

Microsoft and Oracle declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Microsoft, meanwhile.s software patents are considered essential to its dominance in the world’s largest software marketplace, and it has aggressively challenged software makers to license its technology in an effort to bolster its dominant position.

In recent years, it has launched the Open Source Initiative, which is designed to encourage and support open-source software development.

That initiative is funded by Microsoft, and a group of Microsoft developers have also been working to develop their own open source software.

Google is the dominant software maker in the smartphone market, and the company’s Android mobile operating system is the most popular mobile operating platform.

The case is Microsoft v.

Google LLC, U.K. District Court, Southern District of California, No. 11-cv-01849.

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