How to read obituary obituars, and what you should know

An obituary in the Phoenix Phoenix newspaper is as much a reflection of who the author was as a person.

The obit, which can be as short as a paragraph, typically lists the author’s name and the city or state in which they were born.

That information is not necessarily helpful, but the obit is also often a form of social commentary, as in this one by writer and journalist Chris Smith.

The book was a huge success, and Smith later became a prominent commentator on the presidential campaign.

(Smith wrote a memoir about his experience covering the presidential primary, and his obit was a part of the collection of presidential biographies that he published with his friend and fellow journalist Dan Patrick.)

The obituar itself, written by the author himself, is sometimes filled with snark, sometimes with personal anecdotes, sometimes just a few paragraphs.

Smith’s obit can also be a scathing attack on the president, a reference to the president’s “dreadful policies,” or the president himself, with his “stupid policies.”

The Phoenix Phoenix obit may be the most famous, but many other obituals have been published over the years, including one by The Washington Post’s Paul Gigot, which covered the presidential election in 2000.

The Phoenix Suns were an NBA team, the team owner was George W. Bush, and Bush was the president.

The Suns were in the NBA for the last six years, but had never won a championship.

The Arizona Republic obit included a short description of the owner, Paul Allen.

“We know our owner very well,” the obits stated, “He is a proud, loyal, selfless man who loves the game of basketball and has spent his life helping others.

We are proud to have him in our family.”

Allen died last month, and many Suns fans remember him as one of the best owners in NBA history.

Allen, who was also a former NBA player, died in 2005 at the age of 78.

The Washington Times obit in 2000 quoted Allen as saying that he and his wife were “not only fans, but friends.”

Allen had a history of criticizing his business partners in the past, and he told the paper that he was upset with a “very talented basketball team that we are the team to beat.”

The Suns won four titles between 2003 and 2009, and they also won a second title in 2013.

In the obituuary, Allen said that he wanted to make the Suns the best basketball team in the history of the NBA.

It was a statement that has stuck with many of his fans.

They remember him with fondness and pride.

It’s a nice thing to say, but it’s also an acknowledgement of how good we really are.

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