How to install and manage Microsoft Exchange 2016 in the new Outlook 2016 for Mac

As you may have heard, Microsoft has just updated its Outlook 2016 client for Mac to Version 20.3.

This update also includes a few fixes and other improvements.

Here’s how to update Outlook 2016 on your Mac.

Update Outlook 2016 from macOS Yosemite or higher This is the first time you’ll need to update to this new version, but if you’re on macOS 10.13 or earlier, you can update from your Mac with the usual steps.

Launch System Preferences.

Open the Software folder in the Finder.

If you don’t see a folder named Software, click on the Trash.

In the Software list, select Applications and then click on Outlook 2016.

You’ll see an update icon on the right side of the window.

Click on the Update Now button.

If prompted, click OK.

If the update doesn’t work, check the box to update later.

This should update Outlook for Mac automatically.

If Outlook for iPhone is already running Outlook 2016, then you’ll have to delete the files that you downloaded earlier.

Launch Safari or Chrome.

In Safari or Firefox, click Tools, then click System Preferences, then open the System Preferences app.

Click the Advanced tab.

Select System Preferences from the drop-down menu.

Click System Preferences at the top.

Click User Accounts, then User Accounts in the User Accounts pane.

Click Accounts in this pane.

Select the new account that you want to create.

Click OK.

The new account will be added to your iCloud Drive.

When you log in to Outlook for Outlook for iPad, it will prompt you to log in again.

If it doesn’t, log in as an existing user.

Click Add a new account in the Accounts section.

Enter your new password in the Password field.

Enter a name for your new account.

If needed, click Add Account.

In Settings, click Security Settings.

Click Account Sharing.

Click Create a new profile.

Enter the password for the new profile in the Name field.

Click Sign in to your account.

Click Next.

This will install the new software for your account, and you’ll get an email with instructions to sign in with your new name.

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