How to get your job done in a day on the job

Business Insider’s business development expert has a great piece on how to make the most of the day on-the-job opportunities at work.

Here’s his take.


Don’t get stuck in a rut 2.

Keep working until you feel like you’re on the move 3.

Get creative to see what you can do 4.

Take a break to take stock of your work day 5.

Get a friend to help you with the day 6.

Have a drink or two and watch a movie or two 7.

Start a new project 8.

Donate to a charity 9.

Go on a date 10.

Read a book, go for a walk or run somewhere 1.

Get stuck in an on-ramp 2.

Don´t get stuck on a road or roadside 2.

Make a new start, try something new, or do something new 3.

Go for a date or run for a distance or bike race 4.

Find a new hobby, be inspired by something else 5.

Go out and have fun 6.

Volunteer to do something useful 7.

Make new friends 8.

Watch a movie, play some music, or go for some exercise 9.

Spend time with family 10.

Take the time to sit down with your loved ones 11.

Make time for family and friends 12.

Go to the gym and exercise 13.

Get some exercise, read a book or listen to a podcast 14.

Get out of your comfort zone 15.

Go shopping and buy something new 16.

Go somewhere special 17.

Find an internship or internship position at a different company 18.

Find the right company to work for 19.

Make sure your boss knows you have time for it 20.

Be creative with your schedule 21.

Take time to think and make up ideas for your day 22.

Get to know your co-workers, bosses, and colleagues 23.

Do some research to see how you can improve your work productivity 24.

Go grocery shopping or shop for groceries 25.

Read something interesting to pass the time 26.

Go and take a walk and run somewhere

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