Why the ‘Earl’ Enterprise isn’t the Next Big Thing

Quickbooks Enterprise is launching a new e-book platform for the fast-growing enterprise.

The platform, called Earl, is designed to give authors, marketers and other professionals a way to access and share content they produce with readers through the Quickbooks platform.

“The industry has been struggling for a long time with the digital divide and the lack of shared value between publishers and authors,” said Tim Earl.

“With the new Earl platform, publishers and writers can create and share new and original content for free and quickly.”

The platform allows authors and publishers to create content that is shared in their own name, without having to publish their own books.

The company said that Earl’s new platform will offer the best of both worlds.

Earl is targeting “e-book publishers, e-readers, authors, and content creators who are interested in sharing their content, in an innovative and accessible way,” according to the QuickBooks website.

“We know that publishers and content producers want to share content, so we’re launching Earl as a platform for them.”

QuickBooks said Earl will be available in “a variety of formats and languages,” including HTML, PDF, and text.

The service will also offer publishers access to “over 200,000+ free e-books from the most influential authors in the world.”

Earl has an existing relationship with a number of publishers, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, Vice, Forbes, Bloomberg, and The Los Angeles Times.

QuickBooks Enterprise’s Earl app will be “available to QuickBooks authors and editors for free, but there are no subscriptions required,” according the QuickLibrary website.

Quickbooks is one of the largest providers of e-reader apps.

In the third quarter of 2018, QuickBooks revenue for the quarter increased $5.6 million, to $3.8 billion.

In 2018, the company reported a $1.3 billion operating loss, as well as a $8.4 million impairment charge.

Earls revenue for 2017 came in at $1 billion, but the company saw its stock price decline from $25 to $14 in the quarter.

Earlers stock price has continued to decline, though, as of this writing, at $15.

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