When will your grocery store start offering discounted grocery delivery?

Business Insider article Business insider Mike DeBonis, formerly of The Wall Street Journal, recently gave an update on the retailing landscape, pointing to a number of trends in the industry.

One of those trends is the rising popularity of the “enterprise promotion code” (EPIC), which is used to create incentives for retailers to engage with customers via the mobile device.

DeBonis noted that retailers are now offering EPs to customers via mobile apps and in-store coupons, so it’s likely that they will be increasing the number of EPs that they offer to their customers.

However, this doesn’t mean that retailers will begin offering discounted delivery on the same terms as they did in the past.

DeVos, however, did hint at this possibility earlier this month when she said that “a number of [franchises] have announced that they are offering incentives to customers to get their groceries delivered by their own mobile app.”

However, she did not specifically mention the EPs used by retailers.

However and in tandem with this, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced in March that it was revamping the “Holidays” program, which was originally implemented to help farmers and retailers in the Midwest.

This new program aims to give farmers and consumers the option to earn a discount on grocery deliveries at participating retailers, including Walmart, Target, Safeway, and Costco.

Additionally, in May, the Department of Labor announced that it is expanding the number and types of workers eligible for overtime.

It’s unclear how this will affect the ability of workers to receive EPs, but DeBonIS notes that these additional hours are not necessarily an indication that consumers will be able to access discount delivery.

While retailers may be incentivizing their customers to use their apps, the fact remains that most consumers are not going to be able access discounted delivery for many of the reasons DeBonises outlined.

The majority of consumers do not have the funds to purchase a smartwatch or pay for a car insurance plan.

Furthermore, the retail business model has changed significantly over the past decade.

When DeBonists first wrote about EPs back in 2017, he noted that “companies have become much more focused on selling things on the internet rather than actually delivering goods.”

However, he also noted that the number-one consumer product in the U-S.

is the smartphone.

That’s no longer the case, and consumers are now increasingly interested in shopping online rather than driving to a store.

While there is no evidence that EPs are making it harder for consumers to access discounted deliveries, it does seem like it will increase their number.

DeBoniis noted in his latest article that “the number of people who have been actively using EPs is rising as more consumers realize that they can get discounted deliveries.”

The increased interest in discounts has also led to retailers adding additional incentives for customers to opt-in to the program.

For example, some retailers are offering coupons that they call “Hands On Discounts.”

These coupons are designed to make it easier for consumers who have limited time to spend on their smartphone to redeem for a $20 value, such as a $40 rebate.

Debonis noted last month that “there is no question that these incentives are going to continue to be used by people.”

However of course, he still believes that EPAs are the future, and that we’re going to see many more retailers offering EPIs as we see more consumers opting to shop online.

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