When you’re a Verizon employee, the next time you want to make a phone call, your boss probably won’t be around to help you, writes John Gartner

By now you’ve probably heard that Verizon has plans to bring more than 10 million mobile phones to customers in the United States in 2017.Now, it’s not a great time to ask for help.The company recently announced that it will discontinue its enterprise phones program and instead offer phones for its corporate customers, though it […]

What is the Hka Enterprise?

The Hka enterprise is a decentralized blockchain that uses the distributed ledger technology Hka to store and manage data and assets on the blockchain.The Haka network is a fully open and decentralized data platform for enterprises.The network enables businesses to manage their own financial records, and to securely exchange data, assets and other data between […]

NASA announces new NASA shuttle program

NASA will launch a new program to develop and deliver reusable, high-performance, space shuttle technology.The new program will focus on the shuttle’s main engine, the Solid Rocket Boosters, or SRS.The program will include a demonstration launch from the Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39A, which is expected to begin this fall.The company’s goal is to […]

Juventus to sign midfielder Alessandro Nesta

The Juventus coach has identified the Italian midfielder as a possible replacement for Andrea Pirlo, who is out of contract next summer.It is understood that the Bianconeri are willing to spend €12 million on the 27-year-old.It has been reported that Pirlos will leave the Italian club in the summer.In a transfer window that was expected […]

Dawson Enterprises says it will cut 10,000 jobs

Dawson Enterprises said it will slash 10,200 jobs at its operations and headquarters in Quebec.The move comes after the company said it would not be able to meet its targets for spending and revenue in 2017.Dawson has been hit hard by a downturn in the Canadian dollar and a decline in the value of its […]

How to turn a new era into a new business?

Enterprising entrepreneurs are being urged to look beyond the traditional boundaries of traditional enterprises to become “enterprise innovators”. The Times of the India report, titled “Entrepreneurs should be innovators”, argues that it is “time for the industry to look at how to create a new, entrepreneurial ecosystem”.The report also urges enterprises to look for opportunities that […]

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