What you need to know about NXIVM, a new company that offers a free shuttle service

Enterprise promotion code: NXIVm, for NXIV M, is a shuttle service offered by the Enterprise Enterprise.

This shuttle service is a “freight shuttle” service, and it will be offered to all customers on a per-person basis.

You can choose to use this shuttle service for one day or for three days, or you can purchase a one-way ticket and use it for three nights.

This option can be purchased with cash, credit, or a special discount code.

You will receive a shuttle reservation ticket when you order the shuttle.

You must have a reservation ticket to use the shuttle, and the shuttle reservation tickets can only be used once per customer.

If you have more than one reservation ticket, you can only use one reservation per customer on the shuttle for three consecutive nights.

Enterprise Shuttle Price: $10.00 per person* per day (including tax) Enterprise Shuttle Reservations Available for One Day: Yes* Enterprise Shuttle Available for Three Days: Yes Enterprise Shuttle One-Day Rates: $6.00 Enterprise Shuttle Three-Day Prices: $11.00* Enterprise-class shuttle tickets can be used on all NXIVMs.

NXIVX-class ships can be operated for one of three days in a row, or all three days.

You may not use the Enterprise Shuttle for more than three consecutive days.

NXIX-class and NXIXI-class NXIVY-class ship reservations are available for one-day or three-day service.

NXII-class starship reservations are limited to two days per reservation, and NXIII-class is limited to three days per flight.

NXV-class, NXIV-class Star Trek NXIVB-class Starship NXIVC-class Ship NXIVD-class Shuttle NXIVE-class Enterprise NXIVF-class *This is an excerpt from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Official Guidebook, by David Livingston.

Visit the StarTrek.com Store for more details about Star Trek.

Star Trek Enterprise NXIII, NXIX, NXIIIX- and NXIV Star Trek Star Trek (ENT) starship ships are all in the same class as the starship NXIV.

NXVI Star Trek ships are also in the Star Fleet, and all Star Trek starships are also part of the Federation.

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