How to get a new job, no one will hire you

If you are an aspiring CEO, entrepreneur, or other creative in the Valley, the prospect of a new position might seem like a dream come true.

But what if it’s not?

And what if you need a new company for some reason?

Here are some options for a new career.1.

Go for a job at a startup or startup-focused news outlet2.

Go to a startup event or networking event3.

Go on a company retreat4.

Go out for dinner or drinks5.

Do a business trip with a coworker and/or your family6.

Go fishing, hiking, and/ or biking with a co-worker and/and/or friends7.

Go in on a conference call with the company’s founders and/ and/ the company CEO8.

Go shopping for a business partner9.

Go hunting with a colleague10.

Go skiing in an area with snow, ice, and lots of people11.

Go diving for a company partner12.

Go hiking for a co in the area and/ Or take a weekend trip to a lake with a company13.

Go playing golf with a partner14.

Go biking for a partner15.

Go driving for a friend16.

Go traveling for a colleague17.

Go working out for a coworking partner18.

Go doing anything else in the valley that is not an office job19.

Go home to your parents20.

Go outside for a bit while your parents are at work.21.

Do something else besides work at home22.

Do some yoga or meditation23.

Take some time to visit friends in other cities24.

Take a nap with friends25.

Go play a game of golf with your co-workers or coworkers26.

Go have dinner with a friend or coworker27.

Go swimming in the ocean or river with a family or friends28.

Do your favorite activity outside of work29.

Go bowling or playing a game on the beach30.

Go riding a bike with a group of friends31.

Go going to the movies with a couple of friends32.

Do the laundry or cook dinner33.

Go gardening with a relative34.

Go walking to work on a hot day35.

Go at least 5 miles on the bike36.

Do yoga or go swimming with your friends37.

Go backpacking for a few weeks with a buddy38.

Go sailing on a boat39.

Go canoeing40.

Go camping in a beautiful area41.

Go dancing or dancing in the woods42.

Do karaoke with your spouse43.

Go running on a treadmill44.

Go climbing a mountain with a team45.

Go rock climbing46.

Go cycling with your best friends47.

Go shooting with a teammate48.

Go yoga in the backyard49.

Go cooking dinner50.

Go reading a book with your partner51.

Go cleaning the house52.

Go watching a movie with your roommates53.

Go getting ready for a party54.

Go a yoga class or dance class55.

Go having a party56.

Go volunteering in a community community57.

Go the pool58.

Go learning to swim59.

Go kayaking60.

Go being a musician61.

Go practicing karate62.

Go tennis with a teacher63.

Go karate or karate in the gym64.

Go basketball with your roommate65.

Go go hiking66.

Go golfing with a roommate67.

Go soccer with your family68.

Go rollerblading69.

Go ice skating or snowboarding70.

Go volleyball in the mountains71.

Go skateboarding with a parent or grandparent72.

Go mountain biking with your grandparent73.

Go snowboarding with your grandparents74.

Go cross-country skiing or snowmobiling75.

Go surfing with your parents or grandparents76.

Go water skiing or mountain biking77.

Go horseback riding78.

Go ski touring79.

Go skating or ice skating with a coach80.

Go flying with a school counselor81.

Go bicycling or skiing with your coaches82.

Go rowing with your coach83.

Go archery with your father or a relative84.

Go fly fishing with your grandfather or a close relative85.

Go football with your great-grandparents86.

Go dance with your mom or grandma87.

Go baseball or hockey with your uncle or aunt88.

Go sports with your brother or sister89.

Go figure skating with your cousin90.

Go boxing with your dad or a family member91.

Go any other sports with a close family member92.

Go an art gallery with your mother93.

Go another hobby94.

Go taking classes at a school95.

Go some gardening or landscape95.

Take time out from work96.

Go seeing a play or movie with a significant other97.

Go exploring a new city98.

Go visiting a friend99.

Go writing a blog article100.

Go exercising on a bike or hiking101.

Go photography, or painting or drawing or drawing, or any other creative endeavor102.

Go painting with a brush

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