How the DDA is using the DBT to woo businesses

The Delhi Government is using a DBT scheme to woo more business-oriented businesses, and the scheme is a success.

The DDA, a Delhi-based NGO that provides financial support to small and medium enterprises, said that the DBS scheme has been in operation for about a year now and the results are looking good.

It also says that it has received over 1.7 lakh applications for the DTS, with the maximum number coming from Mumbai, Mumbai-NCR, and Delhi.

“The DTS has been successful so far with a large number of applications, with a high number of new business owners coming through it.

It has also worked well with the larger companies and the entrepreneurs who are coming through the DBC scheme,” said Ashish Gupta, Director, Business Development, DDA.

He said that in its first year, the DDP received over 10 lakh applications from small and mid-sized enterprises.

“The DBS is one of the best DBT schemes in the country, and it has helped the DBA (Delhi Business Development Board) and the DDC (Delaware County Development Agency) grow,” said Gupta.

DDA is the umbrella organisation of the DBD, which provides financial assistance to small- and medium-sized businesses in Delhi.

The organisation also organises the DABM (Deliverables, Market Research and Monitoring) programme.

It also manages the DBOA (Delay, Bazaar & Other Business) programme, which gives incentives to merchants in the Delhi-NCRs.

The programme also runs in Mumbai and Mumbai-New Delhi.

In addition to the DDS, the government has also launched the DBIA (DBS Business Intelligence, Analysis and Monitoring).

DDB, the umbrella organization of DDA and DBS, is also organising a DBS and DBO programme in Delhi, and is also inviting applications from SMEs, small and marginal businesses and even corporates.

The company said that it had received over 5 lakh applications so far.

“For small and small enterprises, we are working with a few of the companies that have already applied,” said DDB’s Gupta.

“In the next three to four months, we plan to launch DBS in other cities as well.

We are also planning to launch a DBI (Delawee Business Intelligence) scheme in Mumbai.

We will be inviting applications to launch it from April 10.”

The DDA says that about 6.5 lakh small businesses in the city are expected to avail of the scheme.

“We are expecting around 300,000 business people in the next few months.

As for the corporates, we expect around 10,000,” Gupta added.

The scheme has helped attract some of the top-rated business-minded individuals from the cities.

“Since we launched DBS last year, we have received over 40,000 applications from businesses, which is a huge success,” said Pratap Pandey, Founder and Managing Director of S-L Enterprises.

Gupta said that DDB had also managed to attract large corporates to the scheme and also from other parts of the country.

“When we launched it, the corporatisation of small business was very limited in Delhi,” he said.

“But now, we see a lot of companies coming through this scheme.

There are also some new corporates coming through as well.”

He added that the scheme also has the potential to attract more foreign investment in Delhi and the rest of the state.

For more information on DDB, visit their website at

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