Why do so many journalists write about the news?

This story first appeared in the July 6 issue of The Atlantic magazine.It was originally published on July 6, 2018.The Atlantic’s editors have a simple message: “The Press is the public’s business.Period.”But there’s more than one way to approach this question.It’s also a question of how to approach journalism in the 21st century.For all of […]

How the DDA is using the DBT to woo businesses

The Delhi Government is using a DBT scheme to woo more business-oriented businesses, and the scheme is a success.The DDA, a Delhi-based NGO that provides financial support to small and medium enterprises, said that the DBS scheme has been in operation for about a year now and the results are looking good.It also says that […]

How to get a new job, no one will hire you

If you are an aspiring CEO, entrepreneur, or other creative in the Valley, the prospect of a new position might seem like a dream come true.But what if it’s not?And what if you need a new company for some reason?Here are some options for a new career.1.Go for a job at a startup or startup-focused […]

How to spot a fraudster

Fraudsters can use sophisticated tactics to trick you into believing that they are an authorized seller of your goods or services, but they can also lie to get you to pay them for your goods and services.While they will often claim to have been authorized by you, the fraudsters are not authorized to sell you […]

Man, woman and dog saved from burning house by fire hydrant

Man, a woman and their three-month-old dog were rescued from a burning house in the village of Ullapuram, a village near here, on Thursday, according to police officials.The rescue was done by a fire hydrometer belonging to the local forest department.A local fire department official said the fire hydrameter was damaged in a recent fire.Fire […]

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